Sustainable Eco-Friendly Island

At Champions Island, nature is an integral part integral of everything we do, and we are doing everything we should to make the world a better place

Serving our planet by protecting our resources

With a primary motto to protect our environment for future generations, we have developed and implemented an eco-friendly action plan to conserve all the precious natural resources on the island


Efficient disposal system

The aim is to keep the island as trash-free as possible, encouraging the principles of reuse whilst also practicing recycling and composting. We encourage all our guests to diligently use the installed trash cans, and prevent the lush-green environs from plastic contamination.

Sustainable practices

While it is important to protect the biological habitat of the island, it is also important to address the needs of the tourists. Providing them with benefits that conservational features is the key. As such, all the bathrooms are fitted with low-flow toilets to conserve water and our guests are encouraged to use them whenever required. We also request our guests to use sustainable items as much as possible.

Recycling of waste

We redirect tons of waste to recycling units and composting facilities every month, resulting in significant diversion rates. The waste is categorized and separated into wet and dry waste management, which involves a series of steps from collection to transportation to final disposition and recycling.

Conformance to guidelines

While fishing is fun, overfishing can cause harmful algal blooms (HABs) that can release dangerous toxins into the water. These toxins pose a grave danger to the aquatic life around the island and can also impact other living creatures. For this reason, there are certain sections of the regulations (Fisheries Act) that all anglers are encouraged to learn before casting a line. We at Champions Islands ensure that the adherence to guidelines about lengths and bag limits is followed stringently.

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