Wild forest Cafe

Welcome to the Wild forest cafe. It is a unique theme restaurant which has something for everybody. The mangrove forest comes to life in a restaurant brimming with fun, food, wonder and adventure.

The Wild forest cafe Goa’s only eco- friendly restaurant that gives you a fine dining experience amidst a lush green mangrove island. It’s a one of a kind themed restaurant in Goa that attracts tourists in huge numbers all through the year. The ambience is rustic and relaxed that offers you a spellbinding view of the backwaters of Goa. The island serves a fine variety of continental cuisine from Indian, Chinese to Russian. Besides the fine dining, it’s the best fishing and mangrove island and the ideal destination for bird watching kayaking/boating and mangrove tourism. It’s a fun place to relax with family and enjoy the continental cuisine, coral and marine life.

Food n' Fun

One of the key attractions of Goa is its food. People come here to eat good food and we love feeding them. From plain home-styled Goan prawn curry, delectable pork vindaloo, stuffed fish recheado, and tenderly-spiced chicken xacuti to cheesy moussaka, buttery bebinca, and Godshe made of coconut milk - you can find it all here. If you love to groove to some good music and feed your tummy with some delectable cuisine, then Wild Forest Cafe is your ultimate holiday destination.

Custom Events

We organise custom events with a wide selection of pre-packaged menu items for cocktail parties, birthday parties, brunches, lunches or dinner events, including buffets, plated dinners, hospitality platters, Chef-tended action stations and more. Our team of experts will be there with you every step of the way to guide you, from creating scrumptious menus to assisting you through all your distinctive needs.

Luxury floating eatery & lounge – A restaurant that actually floats!

Enjoy an exquisite meal or mere cocktails in the open air, above the floating calm waters right under the sky...

For the first time, we are offering out -of-the-ordinary luxury lunch and dining experience in the open air above the floating waters. Now, romance your way with your special one under the starry night or during moody twilight hours, or sunny days – all surrounded by placating waters!

Under the stars, amidst the twinkling lights or in the daylight - above the drifting calm waters of the floating board, time seems to have stopped for a while as you soak yourself in the surreal experience of enjoying meals and rich cocktails. Every table offers a fresh mesmerising view of the waterfront inviting special moments to feel altogether. Our inviting haute meal cuisine comes straight from the Champions splendour kitchen that includes a multitude of delicious flavours prepared by experienced chefs on-board.

Our widely spaced floater units are less shaky with roof-top shades and can accommodate more than 100 people on board.

So, plan for an intimate dining or lunch experience! Whether you are courting couples, married pair, corporate team, or family- we have all arrangements right from special private party or get-together for all private and seasonal celebrations. We have arrangements for ferrying people till the floating longue by our classic yachts.